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Some Questions Answered


As an exchange student I get a huge amount of questions and here's some of the most common ones. These answers have become a script for me when asking these questions.

How long you're gonna be here for?
one year, I have a bit over 3 months left now. (Answer a bit different depending on how long I have been)

How long have you been here?
a bit over 8 months

When are u gonna leave?
4th of July :(

Are /So you/'re gonna be here for the ball?
Yes. I think it's going to be fun. I haven't stressed about it at all. I have my shoes and the dress, that I borrowed (I didn't need to pay lots of money. which is good.) My friends have arranged some stuff and it seems fun.

My ball was on the 24th of February.

Do you miss your parents/family?
Yes of course. Homesickness is not that visible. It's more like a feeling in the back of your neck. You feel sad and later realise that it must be because you miss something. What always makes it feel better is keeping yourself busy …

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